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Question Asked by Students

Dawood Humayoun

Sir, I don't get your the whole seen of "cPanal". If I want to work with XAMPP how do I acess cPanal ??

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sir when i am updating the search option or any other media in main side bar it is not being displayed on the web

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Course Teacher


This could be due to several reasons: caching issues, theme settings, widget configurations, JavaScript errors, or CSS rules hiding the elements. Try clearing your browser cache, checking theme settings for sidebar customization options, ensuring the search widget is added and configured correctly in the Widgets section, inspecting for JavaScript errors in the browser console, and verifying that no CSS rules are hiding the elements you're trying to display.
Faizan Ali

sir jo SSL hai wo e-commerce ar blog dono k liye zrori hai?

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Course Teacher


SSL (Secure Socket Layer) ek security protocol hai, jo information ko encrypt karke secure transmission ensure karta hai. SSL ka istemal mainly sensitive information jaise ki credit card details, login credentials, aur anya personal information ko protect karne ke liye hota hai. Overall, SSL ka istemal aapki website ki security ko enhance karta hai, aur users ko confidence deta hai ki unki information secure hai. SSL certificate aajkal easily available hai, aur iski cost bhi reasonable hai, isliye aapko apne website ke liye SSL certificate obtain karna chahiye, chahe wo e-commerce website ho ya blog.